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Homeowner's Assistance

When things hit close to home, we’re here to help.

How CSB Can Help

Maybe things are difficult because of a disability or illness in the family. Or, perhaps your expenses or taxes have increased. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help if you’re struggling to make payments on your mortgage or home equity.

If you are a service member and need more information on the Service members Civil Relief Act Notice Disclosure, please visit the official HUD site.

Next Steps

  1. Complete and Sign the Hardship Assistance form with submission of supporting documents
    • Supporting documents that you need include:
      • Documents That Need Your Signature
      • Documents That You Will Need Current Copies Of
        • W-2s for all members of your household
        • Rent-rolls for all properties owned
        • Income/expense figures for this and other properties owned (if applicable)
        • Pay stubs for the last 2 pay periods
        • Bank, Investment, and Passbook Savings account statements for the last 2 months for all members of the household (if applicable)
        • Listing agreement (if selling your property)
      • Proof of attendance of Credit of Counseling course
      • Response from other Mortgagors (if you have contacted any other financial institution about assistance with another mortgage)
      • Any other documents that you believe are needed (Verification of Unemployment, Social Security Awards Letter, etc.)
  2. Attend Credit of Counseling course from a Massachusetts HUD Approved Counseling Agency.
  3. Contact us at our Contact Center at to learn more about how you can submit your documents for review.

    The Finer Points

    Upon completing your Hardship Assistance form with submission of supporting documents, you will:

    • Know if your request is approved within 5 business days
    • Get loan modification offer or rejection within 30 days of receipt of completed package

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